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Life Update – I’m Back! A New Chapter Begins.

Where have I been? Getting that engineering degree of course. The past few months have been so crazy! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into… Taking on a new full-time job, 3 full-time courses, a dreaded technical report, and my final-year engineering degree project. Things got miserable real quick! This little list of responsibilities I would have over the next 4 months turned into several long group projects, non-stop report writing, stressful presentations, weekly assignments, midterms, quizzes, final exams… On top of all of this – it was my first (and LAST – let me tell you…) winter owning a car in Montreal. We got hit with the WORST snow storms. I won’t get into too much detail but I had a few traumatic experiences of trying to park my boat-of-a-car and slipping and sliding my way to work!

The snow is overwhelming!

On a super positive note – I am so happy to say that all my hard work paid off! Life has just been surprising me with great stuff recently. In April, I celebrated receiving my iron ring! This little ring is worn on the working-hand pinky finger to serve as a reminder of the responsibility of the engineer. I am so proud to have earned it.


I have to also mention that I just had the best semester of my entire university education. I do not know how I did it! First, my team and I won a first place award for our final-year engineering degree project. It felt awesome¬†building something from scratch and having it be acknowledged as excellent work. Also, I got A’s in every class. WHAT! I was not expecting that. After my last exam everyone was saying “Stephanie you’re finally done school – you must be so excited”. To which I replied “Eh… I’m still waiting for my final grades.. I hope I didn’t fail. OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I DID AND I HAVE TO GO BACK”. I’m telling you – I have put an honest 100% effort into all my classes throughout this degree and never reached that ‘A’ student status. I have had some huge disappointments and major bad luck over the years. So its just great seeing all my hard work finally pay off .

Studying for my last exam – with quite the view!

So now that that is all done and said – I’m finally back and ready to start posting more! I have so many ideas of stuff I would like to blog about. Hope you guys stick with me for my post-university life journey! It truly feels like a brand new chapter of my life. It feels awesome. I will leave you with this quote that really stuck with me this week:

“STOP being afraid of what could go wrong and START being positive about what could go right”